Doctor Sleep Movie Review (Spoilers)

Hello people of the internet, as the title of this post says, here is my spoiler review for the movie “Doctor Sleep”, which was released on 31st October 2019 in the UK. If I haven’t already made it crystal clear, this is a spoiler review, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t read this post then blame me for ruining the movie for you. Alright, so now that those people are gone, hello all my fellow “Doctor Sleep” viewers, let’s get on with the review.

Basic stuff first, “Doctor Sleep” is a 2019 movie, based on a novel of the same name by Stephen King, it is also a sequel to another Stephen King movie, “The Shining”. The movie’s main character is Danny Torrance, the young boy from “The Shining”, he’s now an adult and struggling with his past trauma, addiction and his “Shine” abilities. He meets a teenage girl Abra, who like him also “Shines”, however her powers are much greater than his, in fact much greater than most.

The other big part of the plot is the antagonists of the film, a group of people that hunt and feed on people who “Shine”. They’re known as “True Knot”, they use their prey’s powers to keep them young and extend their lives, but when we meet them they’re struggling. As with any hunters, there comes a point when you’ve hunted so many prey that finding more becomes harder and harder. When they sense Abra’s powerful abilities, they see an opportunity to keep them all fed for quite some time and head in her direction.

Abra contacts Danny and after some convincing from an old friend, Danny agrees to help her. The two form a mentor/mentee relationship, Abra even starts calling him “Uncle Dan”. She may be stronger than him but he has decades of experience using his powers that she simply doesn’t have. The pair recruite the help of their family and friends in creating a plan to trick “True Knot”, their trap is mostly a success, resulting in almost all the villainous group being shot down but it does come at the cost of Danny’s good friend Billy and Abra’s father.

With only the leader of “True Knot”, known as “Rose the Hat” left alive, she makes it her new purpose to track down and kill Abra, in vengence of her group. Danny thinking of a plan of attack, knowing they need an advantage over Rose, he relunctantly makes the decision to return to the Overlook Hotel, where he says exists things that are “Dangerous to people like them, so it must be dangerous for Rose too”. The final act is a real blast from the past, both for Danny and for the audience. It’s full of nods to “The Shining”, Danny even having a little chat with the spirit of his late father at the bar of all places. When Rose arrives, Danny & Abra inact their plan of releasing the dark spirits of the hotel and as expected, they quickly overwhelm Rose, killing her. However, of course, the spirits aren’t satisfied with that, they’re angry at being locked away by Danny for so long, like his father before him, they possess him and makes him hunt down Abra. She’s able to break through to Danny and he holds back the spirits long enough for her to leave and set the hotel on fire. Danny dies in the blaze but finally finds peace in the afterlife.

Overall, I enjoyed this move quite a bit, I’d say it is a worthy sequel to “The Shining”, however that isn’t all it is. It doesn’t try too much to be a sequel and instead makes sure it’s a interesting film by itself. You care about the characters, much due to the actors performances, if you haven’t seen “The shining”, they’re will be multiple things you may not quite understand but in general, “Doctor Sleep” is a movie anyone who likes suspense and a good story can enjoy. I’d recommend seeing it in cinemas, my overall rating 8/10.

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